Saturday, May 1, 2010

WMRA Water Main Break -- Boil Water Order Issued for Winthrop

Attention: All Winthrop Residents & Business Owners/Operators

Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Town of Winthrop has been advised by the MWRA, due to a large water main break in Weston, Massachusetts, a BOIL WATER ORDER is being ISSUED for DRINKING WATER for ALL MWRA communities east of Weston until further notice, which includes Winthrop.

Per order of the Governor of Massachusetss and the Winthrop Public Health Department, we are advising that ALL water for any domestic consumption use is to be boiled.

Business are able to stay open as long as they are able to boil their water being used for consumption or are able to offer bottled water to their customers. The Winthrop Police will be notifying in person business of this order.

The Town of Winthrop will advise you once we have any updates or to reverse this order or you may call the MWRA Emergency Operations Center at 617/305-5970.

You may go on line for more information at the following websites:


Click Here to view a Map of MWRA Water System.

Town's Website

or stay tuned to WCAT (your local station).

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