Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Join Cops Against Cancer & Team Turtle -- Relay for Life

From: Michael Delehanty []
Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 1:23 AM
To: all all
Subject: Reminder


The 2010 Relay for Life is THIS FRIDAY EVENING! East Boston Stadium 6 P.M., come over and enjoy the festivities or google Relay for Life East Boston, to donate or join a team. The homepage will give you selections to Join a Team or Donate online. To donate offline see Carla Vitale (Team Turtle) or Mike Delehanty, Arthur Hickey, Tony Meola (Cops Against Cancer). They can give you a donation sheet where you can make a cash or check donation. So join in it's all for a great cause.


posted by michele karas, afd/mis

American Cancer Relay For Life

From: Arthur G Hickey Jr []

Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 9:31 AM

To: Kevin Meagher; Michele N Karas; Mike Bertino; Monica Ford; Susan Eccles

Subject: American Cancer Relay For Life

Hello Friend

I am taking part in an American Cancer Society Relay For Life this year. There's a good chance you've heard of it - it's the largest cancer-fighting movement in the world. There will be more than 230 Relays happening throughout New England this year, and more than 5,000 across the U.S., each uniting communities against a common enemy: cancer.

My team and I will be cheering the cancer survivors who kick off the event by taking the first lap around the track. Then, everyone else will join in and the goal is to keep at least one member of our team on the track all night. Lighting the way will be hundreds of luminarias - lighted bags bearing the names of loved ones who have faced a cancer diagnosis.

Relay is a time of reflection, a time to celebrate survivorship, and a time to pledge to take some kind of action to fight a disease that roughly 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with in their lifetimes. It might be a pledge to wear sunscreen, quit smoking, volunteer with the American Cancer Society to drive patients to and from treatment, or remind a loved one to get their annual mammogram.

As a Relay participant, I am committed to raising as much money as I can to help ensure that the American Cancer Society continues to meet the demand for its programs and services for cancer patients and their caregivers - help finding clinical trials and affordable health insurance, temporary lodging during treatment far from home, summer camps for children and teens with cancer, and much more.

I am proud to be part of Relay, can you tell? And I'm hoping you find the cause as worthy as I do. If so, please take just a few minutes to make a donation on my personal Web page. I would be so appreciative.

If you are interested in learning more about Relay, visit And, if you ever have questions about cancer, I urge you to call an American Cancer Society cancer information specialist at 1.800.227.2345 - any time, day or night, every single day of the year.

Thank you!
Sgt. Arthur Hickey Jr

posted by mkaras on behalf of Relay for Life advocate Sgt. Hickey

Process to Fill School Committee Vacancy

This was an email sent by President Turco to School Committee and Town Council on June 10, 2010. It was read into the official record at Council Meeting of June 15, 2010 and outlines process to fill School Committee vacancy.

Dear Colleagues:

This evening the School Committee discussed the process to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Mr. Martucci. As this is an undefined process in the charter, there were many questions. I agreed to send an email with this suggested process.

The normal town committee application would be used by applicants (Click Here to download committee application - pdf). Applicants would be encouraged to submit a resume and any other supporting materials with their completed application. All applications must be submitted to the Town Clerk before her office closes on Thursday, July 1, 2010.

As applications are submitted, consistent with other committee applications, the Town Clerk will pdf copies to all school committee and town council members.

Completed applications would be on file for the public to review and posted on our website in addition a list of those applying would be on file (similar to who took out nomination papers) at the Clerk's office. The joint committee would meet on July 6, 2010 (the date of the regularly scheduled Town Council meeting) at the Cummings School all purpose room to elect Mr. Martucci's replacement.

Assuming the process would not take more than an hour, the regularly scheduled council meeting would take place after the joint committee concludes its work. If no member of the Town Council objects to this process and time line, the process would be posted on our webpage, announced at our meeting, and Michele K. would send out an email blast.

Members of the School Committee, if I left anything out please let me (us) know asap.

Members of the Town Council, if you have any objection, please let me know before mid-day Monday.

In either case, I will read this email into the record on Tuesday (for open meeting purposes).


Be well,
Jeff Turco
Council President

Sent on behalf  of Council President/Town Council by Michele Karas, AFD/MIS

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Winthrop Community Blood Drive hosted by the Winthrop Elks - Wed. June 23 (2-7pm)

Winthrop Community Blood Drive

Hosted by the Winthrop Elks

Wednesday, June 23
2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
191 Washington Street

Please call to make an appointment

click here to download flyer for more info....

Last Chance - Only 50 Left - DPW Rain Harvesting Project-Rain Barrels for $20



Winthrop DPW
100 Kennedy Drive
Winthrop, MA 02152
Tel: 617-846-1341

Summer Business Hours: Monday-Thursday, 6:30 to 2:30. CLOSED FRIDAYS

Click Here to learn more about the Rain Havesting Project.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Compost OPEN Today, Monday, Jun 7 & Tuesday, Jun 8 -- Fees Waived

Due to the extreme high winds during the rainstorms this weekend, many tree limbs and branches have fallen.

The Director of DPW, David Hickey, has opened the compost to help residents drop-off branches, limbs, and leaves.

The Compost is OPEN, TODAY, Monday, June 7 now until 2:30PM and TOMORROW, Tuesday, June 8 from 8AM to 2:30PM

Fees have been waived for these two days.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Walk Winthrop - A Plan for a More Walkable Community

Walk Winthrop is a proposal to develop a linked pedestrian and/or bicycle trail system within town for citizens to easily and safety access our town businesses, schools, parks, beaches, and public transportation.

Click Here to open, download, or print the Walk Winthrop Report - there are three (3) parts to the document (cover page, body, back page).

A HUGE Thank You !!!

Preparing for Memorial Day with the cleaning of the bronze Veterans markers in both Winthrop Cemeteries.

Saturday, May 22 at 8:00am

To help as we honor those who have served in the United States military.

They cut away and cleaned the over grown grass on each of the bronze Veterans markers.

Helpers brought their children and grand children and explain the importance of maintaining and respecting the graves of our men and women who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

"We have been doing this for the past 6 or 7 years and this year was THE BEST turnout says Richard Honan -- Thank you all!!!"

Location: Winthrop Cemeteries

FY11 Budget Public Hearing Power Point Presentation - May 25, 2010

Click Here to open, download, or print -- posted to website -- Town Manager & Finance Director's presentation at Town Council Meeting, May 25, 2010 -- FY11 Budget Public Hearing

Winthrop DPW - Rain Harvesting Project

Department of Public Works
100 Kennedy Drive, Winthrop MA 02152

David J. Hickey. Jr., Director
Phone: 617-846-1341
Fax: 617-539-1545

Press Release – For Immediate Circulation

Rain Barrels are Coming, Make your Deposit Soon!

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is very pleased to announce a rain harvesting project that proposes to provide our residents with rain barrels for $20. As our residents are aware the cost of our water is amongst some of the highest in the country. Possibly more important is the imbedded hard cost and energy costs of protecting, treating and pumping that water especially when the end use is for irrigation. In response the DPW has worked for several years to create a rain harvesting program that is environmentally sound and appropriate for the urban conditions of our Town and are happy to announce that the day is finally here!

What is rain harvesting all about? Well here in New England we receive about 44” of rain per year. Spread evenly over the course of the year and amongst the days of the month, this would normally be adequate to provide us with ample drinking water, as well as adequate irrigation for all of our crops, our trees, our farms, in short our landscapes. However, much of our rain comes in the spring and the fall and we approach arid conditions by mid summer. It is also common to have several wet days followed by numerous dry days. Rain harvesting provides a method of capturing the rains of spring for use in the summer and from wet days for use on dry days.

There are other environmental benefits associated with rain harvesting, including a more consistent groundwater infiltration process, a reduction in energy from water treatment and pumping systems, a reduction in the use of chemicals and an ability to balance the rain and water use cycle within our own communities.

Most importantly rain barrels have the ability to save our residents and our community money. The program we have developed is based on a 55 gallon durable plastic drum, with removable lids, screen guards and downspout diverter. The DPW has estimated that if all 300 barrels are well utilized, our residents can save between 450-550 cubic feet, or 3,600 gallons of water per year or about $65 per year. Collectively that is over $18,000 per year and 1 million gallons! The barrels were formally used in the import of olives, pickles and other “food grade” shipments and their re-use as rain barrels further decreases the “cradle-to-grave” cost.

There will be limited number of barrels available and they can be secured with a $20 advance pay, non-refundable deposit at the DPW. The checks should note “EPA rain barrel” in the memo line. Proof of residency is required. The barrels will be disturbed to the first 300 Winthrop residents that have made the advance deposit on Saturday June 12th between 8 and 11 am. No money will be accepted during the distribution. All sales must be done before June 10th. This first disbursement will be limited to 1 per household.

This project is undertaken in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action taken by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for all of our mutual goals to live in more sustainable communities.