Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Partial List of Approved Parking on Designated Streets Effective 4PM Today

Partial List of Approved Parking on Designated Streets Effective 4PM Today

Approved Parking Locations

Partial Parking Ban Lifted for these streets/sections of streets only.
Updated as new streets are cleared and accessible per order of Public Safety.

In EFFECT - Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 4PM

Street Name -- Parking Allowed On -- Comment

Atlantic Street -- Even side

Bartlett Parkway -- Even side

Bartlett Road -- Even side

Cottage Park Road -- Odd side -- Pleasant to Bartlett Parkway

Cross Street -- Odd side -- Locust to Main

Edge hill Road -- Even side

Fremont Street -- Odd side

Grandview Ave -- Even side

Hagman Road -- Both sides -- Posted time limits apply

French Square -- As posted -- Posted time limits apply

Hermon Street -- Even side

Harvard Street -- Odd side

Ingleside Ave -- Even side

Locust Street -- Odd side

Marshall Street -- Even side

Orlando Ave -- Even side

Palmyra Street -- Odd side

Revere Street -- Odd side -- Upland to Quincy Terr

Somerset Ave -- Even side

Summit Ave -- Odd side -- Prohibited along island

Woodside Ave -- Odd side

Residents are reminded that conditions will require careful consideration with parking on these approved locations, as safe passage on both the street and sidewalks remains a concern. Please use caution and be aware that parking in a manner that obstructs the street, handicap ramps, corners or driveways may be subject to ticketing and towing.

Thank you for anticipated cooperation.

Other streets will be announced as they become cleared and available. At such time, when they do become approved for parking, these new additions will be listed on our website's homepage at Please check our website periodically for these updates, as well as, WCAT and residents are urged to call the Department of Public Works at 617.846.1341, if they don't have access to WCAT or a Computer.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Public Safety Advisory on Potential Roof Collapses

To:  All Residents, Renters, Landlords, Home Owners, Businesses, Business Owners and/or Management Companies

Date:  Sunday, February 6, 2011

Click Here to get the full public safety advisory.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winthrop asks for all to Help to ....

... dig out fire hydrants ...
assisting to remove snow and ice from and around hydrants will give seconds to respond for a greater success of fighting a fire

... dig out catch basins ...
if they are blocked with snow and ice, when the snow and ice starts to melt ... streets will flood if there is no where for the water to flow 

... dig out your neighbor's car ... 
they not be able to due to illness, or they're traveling

 ... Shovel the sidewalks in front of and around your property (home and business) ...

... Shovel yours and your neighbor's stairs and stoops (home and business) ...
they not be able to due to illness, or they're traveling


Be Safe - Michele Karas, AFD/MIS - Town of Winthrop

Winter of Yesteryear in Winthrop, MA ..... Photos provided by Bob Gillis/Facebook/Winthrop

a time when we did not have plows .... 

a time when residents came out to shovel out the town ..... 

now the center ... wow ... high snow banks .... looks familiar :)

a new way to get around ....

A special thank you as always to Bob Gillis of Winthrop of his great collection of yesteryears of Winthrop ... these are perfect to let us know that the snow mess and frustrations we are encountering is nothing new .... 

Thank you .... Be Safe,
Michele Karas, AFD/MIS

DPW Snow REMOVAL / Clean UP Efforts being done while PARKING BAN IS IN EFFECT

These are some pictures I captured today -- of the snow piles that were being removed today by DPW ... on Shirley Street Winthrop .... the side streets off of WSD towards Shirley were being cleared by the efforts of Winthrop DPW and help from MWRA who was called in to assist ......

shirley street near tafts ave
february 4, 2011 approx. 1:30pm

A snow bank of this size takes 
10 to 12 truck loads to take it away ......
I'm 5'3" so that can give you an idea of the size of this snow bank ... not all this small ...

These are the trucks we are using .... the largest DPW has ....

Hauling one load away of many .....
again it takes 10 to 12 loads like this to take away
just one of the snow banks like the one
I am standing in front of (above).

The Parking Ban is Still in EFFECT .... it is so SNOW REMOVAL can be done by this heavy equipment .... this is the best way to removed the snow that has accumulated ... snow plows cannot move or remove the snow is such a manner .... plows push it and sometimes push it back onto sidewalks and into driveways that have been shoveled or snow blown by residents and business owners .... the removal method that DPW is using is the best to remove it out of the area ... because it helps widen the streets and remove the snow so if and when the sun comes out and starts melting it it does not flood streets or even worse freeze when temperatures go down ....

Thank you ... MWRA

 There is a cost of this assistance for Winthrop ... just an FYI

but we do appreciate their ability to assist !!

And remember .... DPW staff is out their in the middle of the night .... when we are all snug in our houses in our beds dreaming .... moving snow ... when there is no were else to put it ....

They are working all day to remove trash, fix water main breaks, dig cemetery plots .... the lists of regular work does not stop when the snow is falling .... and can they have time to rest / sleep so there are no injuries or accidents to themselves, property or the public .....

widening the street so the front-end loader can put the snow into truck beds to be hauled away

So remember -- the snow is expected to fall Saturday again ... even though they are saying it may not be a lot compared to what we have seen over the past couple of storms .... anymore is still enough .... enough that it part of what goes into making decisions ... for the best of the community ...

Stay tuned to the local channel on WCAT if you have it .... otherwise ... stay tune to the major channels of 4, 5, 7 and 25 .... and as always ... when the information is released by the Emergency Manager .. these forms of media information will be released on our town official website and its other media, i.e. facebook, twitter, blog ....

Be Safe,
Michele Karas, AFD/MIS
Town of Winthrop

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