Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Partial List of Approved Parking on Designated Streets Effective 4PM Today

Partial List of Approved Parking on Designated Streets Effective 4PM Today

Approved Parking Locations

Partial Parking Ban Lifted for these streets/sections of streets only.
Updated as new streets are cleared and accessible per order of Public Safety.

In EFFECT - Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 4PM

Street Name -- Parking Allowed On -- Comment

Atlantic Street -- Even side

Bartlett Parkway -- Even side

Bartlett Road -- Even side

Cottage Park Road -- Odd side -- Pleasant to Bartlett Parkway

Cross Street -- Odd side -- Locust to Main

Edge hill Road -- Even side

Fremont Street -- Odd side

Grandview Ave -- Even side

Hagman Road -- Both sides -- Posted time limits apply

French Square -- As posted -- Posted time limits apply

Hermon Street -- Even side

Harvard Street -- Odd side

Ingleside Ave -- Even side

Locust Street -- Odd side

Marshall Street -- Even side

Orlando Ave -- Even side

Palmyra Street -- Odd side

Revere Street -- Odd side -- Upland to Quincy Terr

Somerset Ave -- Even side

Summit Ave -- Odd side -- Prohibited along island

Woodside Ave -- Odd side

Residents are reminded that conditions will require careful consideration with parking on these approved locations, as safe passage on both the street and sidewalks remains a concern. Please use caution and be aware that parking in a manner that obstructs the street, handicap ramps, corners or driveways may be subject to ticketing and towing.

Thank you for anticipated cooperation.

Other streets will be announced as they become cleared and available. At such time, when they do become approved for parking, these new additions will be listed on our website's homepage at Please check our website periodically for these updates, as well as, WCAT and residents are urged to call the Department of Public Works at 617.846.1341, if they don't have access to WCAT or a Computer.

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