Monday, August 23, 2010

Safety Precautions for West Nile Virus

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported West Nile Virus is still being detected in mosquitoes in Winthrop. The Winthrop Health Department is making arrangements with the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control District for a town wide truck spraying to be done this week; a release of the definate date and time(s) will be posted to our official website's News & Announcements, Winthrop Facebook Pages, Winthrop Twitter, and the local cable scroll on WCAT.

Safety precautions:

• Avoid mosquito bites

• Apply insect repellent when outdoors

• Wear protective clothing while outdoors between dusk and dawn

• Remove areas of standing water around your home which can serve as breeding sites for mosquitoes

• Empty containers around your home that might collect water

• ·wimming pools should be kept clean and properly chlorinated

For more information on West Nile Virus, please check the Mass DPH website at

For more information on truck spraying, please contact the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control & Wetlands Management District at 978-463-6630 and the Winthrop Board of Health at 617-846-1740.

To download and print our Public Health Fact Sheet regarding West Nile Virus, click here.

Thank you,
Winthrop Board of Health

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