Monday, March 29, 2010

Message from MWRA re: Storm Alert Community Nofitication - 03/29/10


As you are aware, we are in an extended period of high precipitation events. This March will likely achieve the highest monthly flow ever recorded. Current weather forecasts project as much as 3 to 6 inches of rainfall in the greater Boston area through Wednesday morning (with potentially higher amounts to the southwest). This significant additional rainfall will likely cause flooding and sewer and drain overflows in some areas.

Sewer flows and elevations are already high in the MWRA system. All MWRA facilities are operational and staff are prepared to address sewer transport and treatment needs throughout the next few days and to provide as much system relief as possible. To track and address system or local flooding, back-ups or overflows, MWRA has opened its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Chelsea. The telephone number at the EOC is 617-305-5970.

MWRA will continually monitor its sewer flows and elevations. If you need information or data for your local community, or need to report local problems, please call the EOC.

Please be especially aware of potential sanitary sewer overflows, sewer back-ups and flooding in those areas of your system typically affected by large rainfall events and high sewer flows.

Summary updates will be provided on the MWRA website throughout the storm (

posted on behalf of the department of public works by mkaras - director of information technology 3/29/10 at 3:30pm

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